They couldn’t contain you.

They wished they could.

And Oh.

So did you.

You were limitless.

Unknown to you.

You were on your run.


Like you were being hunted.

You said,

You had to move, to keep breathing.

Never knowing.

The breathlessness you felt,

Was you.

– Akshaya Hemadri.

It’s a circle.

Ever felt that you were living this horrendous dream, day in and day out and then to your horror as days grow to weeks , months and years you find yourself yearning for that moment of freedom.

And like as if God(if you believe in him) heard it , miracle happens and you are away from it all. From the noise , the negativity , the people and all place that only knew how to hurt you.

You are away. And you like it here. Maybe even love it and then suddenly the image looks similar to you. You have seen this before. You have felt this before. And before you know it, you realise that you are back where you started.

Back again.

When this happens know for sure. It was never that job, that place, the people. But you. Probably it was always you but when do we ever blame ourselves.


Why ? Why me ?

When everyone is living is living a crude baseless life, why do I blame myself when I am so much better than them ?

Yes. You are better than them.

Always were.

And that is why you should blame yourself.

Because you can change yourself.

Because you have control over yourself

And the moment you realise that you are the reason to your problems you will also know that all the answers you need are within your reach.

It’s a circle,

Only as long as you it let it continue.

– Akshaya Hemadri


Kill they say.

Kill it.

Everyone does it.

You will live through it too.

Dreams , they say

Come around every year.

You can make one.

A new one.

Like me too.

Destroy .

What’s destroying you.

I do not understand how you did it.

I guess I underestimated you after all.

You can vanquish what’s a part of you.

But how do you exist.

Without the very thing that defines you.

Who are you ?

If you aren’t you after all?

-Akshaya Hemadri

Only human.

Ever noticed humans.

If you find time just observe. I don’t know if its just me but watching from the sidelines gives me immense satisfaction. You notice things that you never really cared about before.

Humans are selfish.

Always have been.

Even the most selfless deeds are selfish.Would you do that good deed if you weren’t told it was the right thing to do or would you do it if it didn’t make you feel happy ?

Do I sound like Phoebe now ?

But it’s true isn’t it ?

The most flawed beings to walk on earth are us. But still walk around stating the right and the wrong. Like it is only that simple.

Like you know it all.

-Akshaya Hemadri