Test not the silence.

Fear me,

For I have done no one wrong.

Fear me,

For I know what you did wrong.

Fear me,

For I no longer am friends with silence.

– Akshaya Hemadri


Its always a paradox.

I can speak,

But not follow.


I can lead,

But not live.


I can trust ,

But not believe.


I live,

But not laugh.


I wonder,

But not watch .


I can question,

But not wait.


I can ask,

But not withstand.


It’s a paradox.


Or a fight?

Between the strong and the weak.

Between the dreamer and the realist.

The truth and  the lie.


Or only lies.

Or is it the gloom .

Or pure innocence.


Time after time.

Time after time.


– Akshaya Hemadri





What a magnificent thing hope is! Sometimes I wonder what we would be without it, the way we all hold on to it while sitting at our desks, looking at those desktops working away for hours.

I don’t know if you were supposed to be there. I don’t know if you like it. I don’t know if you are happy there but I do know that you are strong. And that you should hold on to that hope because I am, we all are.

Hold on to it. Stay there until you know where you want to be, until you reach where you want to be.


Hold on!



-Akshaya Hemadri