Those eyes!

You look into those eyes and it says it all.

And then you know,

Its not so good.

To understand people after all.

–  Akshaya Hemadri


Caught in the haze! 

How am I to know,Why I am here?

When all I did,

Was to try it out once.

Just once.

What I was never warned about,

Was how powerful your very existence is.

And that all those, who know not of you.

Remain the most safe and happy

Looked once,

Was all I did.

And ended

In this never ending trance.

Wrong, I know I am.

But the trance is not what bothers me.

Knowing and still being unable to escape it.

Is what that kills me.

What am I to do?

How do I get out of this?

I ask.

I ask everyday!

And not once,

Did the light shine on me.
– Akshaya Hemadri